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Play a direct role in recreating imagined experiences

The Creatively Curious Circle is our new year-round, recurring giving platform, bringing together a diverse network of like-minded people who share the same passion for creating novel experiences, thinking different, experiencing different.

Your Benefits

As part of the Creatively Curious Circle, you will be close to the creation of new experiences, through exclusive event invites, access to behind-the-scenes sessions, curated for you over the year.

How to Support?

  1. Nominate an area of support - or make a general donation 
  2. Nominate an amount
  3. Nominate a frequency

Why your help is important

With the ambition of bigger projects, bigger impact, 2018 is the first year we are seeking donations. Every cent goes towards funding our Special Projects - development, talent, production - that make anon. a unique performance platform. Join the Creatively Curious Circle and become a co- creator in the story of anon.